Tips to Hold a Rifle Steady

Sure, you could make an accurate hit with a wobbly rifle, but chances are you’ll miss the target on the first shot. Whether you’re a seasonal hunter or an aspiring marksman hoping to hit the bullseye, you need to steady your aim to stand any chance of success. Or perhaps you’re combing for a reputable seller of shooting supplies online. In that case, Elevated Gunworks would be a great place to start your search.

We’re premier dealers of high-performing firearms and accessories, perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike. Our pointers below can also help steady your rifle for accurate shooting.

Support the Rifle's Butt

When learning to shoot a rifle, we all want to be like the sharpshooter in our favorite TV show who easily takes down the enemy. But let’s face it, most of us struggle to hit the target.

A rifle’s rear support could be your thigh or something comfortable and stable. This helps you acquire the target while reducing recoil fatigue. It also lets you maintain control by steadying your aim, which can save your day.

By so doing, you can avoid a scenario whereby wobbly hands or sudden movements ruin your shot. In essence, it’s the Robin to your Batman…or the Groot to your Rocket…you get the idea.

Control Your Breathing

You’d be surprised to know how easily your breathing can impact your shooting ability. Inconsistent breathing patterns cause fluctuations that could make or break your aim. The trick is to find a slow, steady rhythm and practice holding your breath between shots. But how exactly do you do it?

Before shooting, take two deep breaths. Inhale as you bring the rifle up, and exhale as the sight settles. While at it, relax – avoid the temptation to exhale forcibly in the heat of the moment. Also, the aim should be at the center of the sight for comfortable hovering.

Once the sight aligns with the target, squeeze the trigger and maintain the pressure as the bullet moves off. By controlling the squeeze, you avoid jerking, which moves the gun before the bullet exits.

If you’re out of breath before firing or if the wobble becomes uncontrollable, it’s probably better to start over instead of trying to time your shot too perfectly. With that said, take all the time you need to aim correctly and steady your hands for a precise shot. This also applies to pulling the trigger: do it slowly to avoid compromising accuracy.

Also, relax your mind and body before aiming at the target. This helps you focus and steady your eyes, allowing for a more concrete shot.

Go Prone

Picture a palm tree swaying in the wind. Just like the tree, a person holding a rifle while standing is likely to feel the effects of the environment they’re in. Wind speed, temperature, the texture of the ground, and other variables all impact your ability to shoot accurately.

The prone shooting position creates a stable base and improves your chances of hitting the target. This classic approach involves lying on your stomach with your elbows propped up. You may also use a cushioned mat or towel for extra support if you’re shooting on rough terrain. That way, you cancel out the wobble of recoil and environmental factors, leading to greater accuracy.

What’s more, the position offers a great vantage point for assessing the target and your surroundings. When you’re lying prone, you can more easily spot targets at a distance, adjust quickly and ensure you shoot in a safe direction, even if your target is moving. Plus, rear and front support allows ample vertical travel regardless of the terrain.

Increase Balance with a Tripod or Bipod

These staples of the gun world offer a great way to boost accuracy. Tripods and bipods provide added stability in an otherwise shaky situation. They also help with recoil control, so it’s no surprise they’re popular among competitive shooters.

For this approach, choose a tripod or bipod that fits your rifle and is adjustable for different positions. The height should rest a few inches above the ground and allow for easy maneuvering of your rifle.

If you’re on an uneven surface, try to level the tripod’s legs as best you can. That way, your aim will be more accurate, even on rugged terrain. Also, if your target is far away, a tripod would be useful as it ensures a rock-solid and steady aim.

Use A Sling

There’s a reason seasoned or competitive shooters come prepared with a rifle sling. While to most people, a sling is simply an accessory for carrying their rifles, it can also help you line up an accurate shot.

A sling is a band that curves around your shoulder and helps keep the rifle steady while aiming. By attaching it to the fore end of the rifle stock, you get extra support in gripping and controlling recoil fatigue. In short, the more contact points you have with your rifle, the more stable it will be, allowing for better accuracy.

To this end, use a proper two-point sling that evenly distributes the rifle’s weight and supports it during recoil. If you’re wearing heavy clothing, the sling can ensure you don’t move too much while aiming.

Just Do It

We get it; you probably want X-ring precision. But if you’re on a hunt, such an approach could mean the difference between a kill shot and returning home empty-handed. In other words, don’t overanalyze your shot. Sight pictures tend to move around; meaning your window of opportunity could close in a blink.

Hence, the longer your aim, the higher the possibility you’ll crave a new breath. Thus, a slight wobble could turn to a shake as you struggle to readjust your grip while under the rifle’s weight. Likewise, eye fatigue quickly sets in if you stare at the target for too long.

So, just aim and shoot. And if you need practice, use a range’s static targets or clay pigeons to get a feel for your rifle. After all, accurate shooting requires practice and preparation – it’s not about squeezing the trigger as fast as you can.

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Feeling ready to take on the world? Well, make good use of the pointers above, and you could be the next sharpshooting champion or take down that elusive game animal on your next hunt. And as always, if you need premium accessories, gear, ammo, swag, or firearms, you know the drill – explore the various categories at our online store, accessible at for all your gun-related needs.

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