Testing Your Eye Dominance

Bad eyesight is a common problem faced by people of all ages. From being an inconvenience at work to preventing progress in sporting achievements for years, bad eyesight is a frustrating problem to deal with.

Eye dominance is an essential aspect of aiming. Are you confused about why things aren’t going so great with your aim? It’s time you put the problem behind you with the help of our product, Trijicon RMR 1 MOA. It improves accuracy and precision with whatever weapon caliber you’ve got. But even with such a gadget, determining your eye dominance is key. So here’s how you can test eye dominance.

Types of Eye Dominance

Eye dominance is the ability to use one eye over the other. A right-eyed dominant person can write with their right hand and use their right hand for most tasks. A left-eyed dominant person would have the opposite preference.

There are three types of eye dominance: motor, sighting, and sensory.

  • Motor dominance: Variability in eye vergence is a sign of motor dominance. A condition known as vergence occurs when one’s eyes travel in different directions while attempting to work together to form a single image. You have motor dominance when you’re struggling to keep the less dominant eye focused on anything.
  • Sighting eye dominance describes a person’s preference for one eye over another. It’s usually the eye they use to sight down a gun barrel or the one they prefer to use when driving. It can be either left or right.
  • Sensory eye dominance: It’s a phenomenon where one eye has stronger vision than the other. If you’re right-handed, your right eye has more of an advantage in visual acuity and depth perception than your left eye. If you’re left-handed, it’s the opposite—your left eye is more sensitive to light and detail.

Eye Dominance Tests

Triangle Test

The triangle test is one of the easiest ways to determine eye dominance. It’s also one of the first tests that you can try to see if you have any issues with depth perception or eye strain. Here are the steps of the triangle test:

  • Hold your hand before your face and create a triangle with your thumb and index finger. 
  • Open both eyes and look for an object to be in the triangle.
  • Now, close your left eye and repeat the process. If the object is in the triangle, then you’re right-eyed. If it’s not, then you’re left-eyed!

Pointing Test

The pointing test is a simple way to determine if you are right- or left-eye dominant. You need to:

  • Look at an object in the distance and point your index finger at it.
  • Then cover your left and then the right eye.
  • The eye that keeps the finger pointed is dominant,

Hole-in-Card Test

You need to:

  • Choose an object, stand 6 meters away, create a hole in the middle of the card, and hold it.
  • See the target through the card hole while both hands holding the card keep both eyes open.
  • To do this, close one eye, gaze through the hole while the other is closed, and switch. Finally, bring the card near the head and eyes without disrupting the initial eye/card alignment.
  • The dominant eye is below the card slot.

These tests help determine whether or not you are right- or left-eyed. In these tests, you use an improvised device to line up with a visual target. These simulations replicate the experience of gazing directly into the barrel. It’s like trying to aim with an eye that constantly shifts focus and you know isn’t going to let you get close to your target when you glance down the barrel. 

What’s Mixed Ocular Dominance

Mixed ocular dominance (also known as alternating ocular dominance) may exist if the results of the sighting test are ambiguous. It suggests that one eye is more likely to be used for a given job than the other. Furthermore, there is a range of ocular dominance from minimal to profound.

Difference:  Eye and Hand Dominance

Hand and eye dominance are two different ways to measure the brain’s dominant hemisphere. Research shows that around 90% of the population is right-handed, and roughly 67% is right-eye dominant.

Hand dominance is usually determined by which hand you use to write, but it can also be determined by which hand you use to throw a ball or grasp a pen.

Eye dominance is usually determined by which eye you look through to aim a gun, but it can also be determined by which eye you look through to cross your eyes.

Many people have a single dominant hand or eye. In the same way, as a right-handed person’s dominant eye is the right eye, a left-handed person’s dominant eye is the left eye. On the other hand, there exist opposing views. When one’s hand and eye dominance switch places, it’s called cross-dominance. If you’re right-handed, your dominant eye is the left, and vice versa.

Importance of Eye Dominance

Your dominant eye is the one you use to look at an object and then close your other eye. If you have a dominant eye, it will always be easier for you to shoot with that eye.

If you don’t have the dominant eye, you won’t know the sight alignment problems in your shooting technique. It means that if you want to get better at shooting and improve your accuracy, you must first determine which eye is your dominant one.

If you’re using a rifle or shotgun, you’ll want to ensure that your dominant eye is in line with the barrel of your gun. If it isn’t, then there’s a good chance that your shot will be off target.

It sounds obvious, but it’s something that people don’t consider when shooting. For example: if you’re right-handed and your left eye is dominant, then ensure your left eye is lined up with the barrel of your gun to shoot accurately.

These simple tests determine whether you are left or right-eye dominant. This knowledge can help anyone interested in learning more about their vision and improving precision when it comes to firing a weapon or rifle. Most people have a dominant eye that they favor while shooting. For many shooters, this is an advantage since they can focus on their dominant eye while keeping their gun sight focused on an object. 

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