SK Standard Plus .22 LR Ammo a Reliable Training Cartridge

Photo of a Box of Standard Plus .22 Long Rifle Ammunition

For many years, the SK Standard Plus has been considered by sports shooters around the globe to be a highly reliable training cartridge for .22 long rifles. But, is it good for anything else? You might be surprised. Read on:

SK Standard Plus Line is Versatile Ammunition

The SK Standard Plus .22 long rifle, 40-grain, round-nose ammo is a versatile rimfire round. You can shoot the cartridges from either rifles, pistols, or revolvers.

Many shooters love this ammunition label because it comes at a very affordable price, it is highly accurate, and it is extremely reliable.

For these reasons, the Plus makes an excellent choice for target shooting. If you are preparing for a competition, you can use the SK Standard Plus for practicing because it will be easier on your wallet. On the day of the competition, you can switch to match bullets.

However, and this is the part that might surprise you, a lot of shooters would not hesitate to use the SK Standard Plus for competition. Why? Again, because this ammo is reliable, accurate, and consistent when it comes to performance.

From the company:

We constantly continue to develop SK’s ammunition to guarantee reliability, precision and stability in the rimfire ammunition segment, from training level to match standard. This includes making sure that SK Standard Plus continues to be a successful entry-level rimfire cartridge for any smallbore shooter to try.

SK Ammunition

In addition to being a great choice for target shooting, you can feel confident loading this ammunition into your gun for hunting or plinking. And, you will be saving money for every round you fire because of the great price.

While the ammo works in rifles, revolvers, and pistols, you can also use the lead round nose bullets in semi-automatic firearms without worrying about “sticking” in the feed ramp, which can be an issue with other .22 ammunition lines.

A Lot of Research Went into the SK Standard Plus Ammo

The SK line of rimfire ammunition is manufactured by Nammo Schönebeck GmbH, which is part of a larger, international corporate group with a long history and extensive experience when it comes to ammunition.

Here is what the company says:

Starting with the production of a rimfire cartridge, all the way to the science behind firing a good shot. We do everything within our power to make sure you feel good about our ammo and benefit from the research and development of the entire Nammo Group.

SK Ammunition

The German engineering of the SK Standard Plus ammo means they are manufactured with precision to exacting standards. What this means for you is ammunition that results in consistent and predictable performance.

Characteristics of the SK Standard Plus

The SK Standard Plus is rimfire ammo. This differs from centerfire ammo, where the primer is contained within the center of the casing base.

When a gun is fired, the firing pin strikes the rim of the cartridge, which ignites the primer that is in a brass case. The casings cannot be harvested and reloaded because they become deformed after firing.

The SK Standard Plus is designed for zero bullet drop after 50 yards. The muzzle velocity is 1,073 FPS. The muzzle energy is 102-foot pounds.

How the SK’s Standard Plus Compares to the Rifle Match .22 LR Ammo

The price point for the SK Standard Plus makes it a great option for practice, training, and target shooting. If you plan on going through lots of ammo, it is a good choice. But, it is rated to match standard. This is why shooters have no issue with choosing it for competition.

However, SK also manufactures its Rifle Match line, which is a rimfire competition round. This line is designed for rifle shooting in all 50-yard disciplines.

Many believe the two lines come off the same machines at the same facility, so they are essentially the same ammo. The main difference being the SK Rifle Match goes through more testing.

If you are wondering what ammo types you should get for your gun, you might want to pick up some Standard Plus and Rifle Match to see which your rifle or pistol prefers.

The SK Rifle Match has the same characteristics as the SK Standard Plus, from caliber to bullet type to cartridge case material to muzzle velocity to muzzle energy to primer location.

Ready for High-Quality, High-Performing, Cost-Effective Ammunition?
Consider SK Standard Plus .22 LR

Whether you need quality ammo because you are headed out the range for target shooting, headed to a safe place to go plinking, or going to hunt, then you should consider SK Standard Plus ammo.

When you just want to engage in some target shooting or plinking, you really don’t want your wallet leaking a lot of cash. These SK Standard Plus cartridges are affordable.

When you order your supply of SK Standard Plus .22 Long Rifle cartridges, you can be confident you are getting time-tested, high-quality, cost-effective, and extremely reliable ammunition.

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