Red Dot Sight Technique

Whether you own a gun, have been at the shooting range, or have played war-themed games like Call of Duty, you can’t help but appreciate the beauty of the red dot sight. Red dot sights like the Trijicon RMR 1 MOA are quickly becoming a thing within the gun owners’ circle. The red dot sight’s popularity is due to a wide range of features, including the sleek finish and ease of use. The battery-powered accessory uses a simple LED to create a point of aim that makes shooting a target much easier. In essence, a red dot sight eliminates the guesswork.

As with most things that have become popular, the red dots are available in different configurations and features. Because they are inexpensive, they also make a great addition to any weapon. The configuration flexibility also makes it appealing as buyers can choose the best configuration that works for them, whether the tubes and open optics or the reflex and holographic reticles.

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about red dot sight, how it works, and the techniques that improve your accuracy while using it.

How Red Dot Sight Work

Given the complexity of a gun and the enormous threat that it poses, one wouldn’t expect an accessory like the red dot sight to be powered by such a simple technology. The technology behind the red dot sight is so simple that the first reflector sight was patented over a hundred years ago. For context, history records the use of the red dot sight during the second world war in 1945.

While the modern red dot sight brings more advanced technology like battery-powered LED, the basics remain the same. The red dot sight can come in either a Red or green visible light that is projected onto a concave lens. The sight is designed to have a special coating that makes the illumination point visible to the shooter.

The Pros and Cons of a Red Dot Sight

Although red dot sights have become popular among gun owners and operators, this doesn’t negate the fact that the accessory has its pros and cons. If you plan to purchase one, you should be aware of the cons, no matter how negligible they are. Knowing the downsides can help you remain safe.

Pros of a Red Dot Sight

  • Red dot sights are among the most versatile and affordable optic accessories available on the market.
  • They are compact and can be used with both eyes.
  • They require no magnification, thus reducing the number of added-on accessories.
  • Shooters can enjoy a broader view range, thus helping with quick target acquisition and action.
  • Red dot sights are energy-efficient, reliable, and relatively inexpensive.

Cons of a Red Dot Sight

  • Red dot sights aren’t ideal for precision shooting on known-distance ranges.
  • They require more practice from the shooter to eliminate guesswork.
  • They may require magnification or advanced reticles for accurate shots.
  • They require batteries which may run down at any time.

Features on a Red Dot Sight

The red dot sight has become popular for many reasons, including its features to users. Below are some of the features to watch out for.

Illuminated Reticle

The illuminated reticle is what forms the red dot. Users can adjust the brightness of their LED or laser light to reflect their preferences or match the current visibility conditions. Bright reticles are great for low light conditions and keep the eyes trained on sudden movements.

Battery Life

While some consider the battery as a limitation to the red dot sight, the sight offers an extended battery life of as many as 50,000 hours. The battery is very efficient as it is designed only to power the red dot light. The optic can be turned off or set to sleep mode to ensure energy efficiency. These added features can further prolong the hours of use.


Red dot sight can be adjusted to match the shooter’s visibility and ambient conditions. Users can adjust the red dot sight to elevation and windage as with many other sighting accessories. Calibrating a proper zero level for your weapon is essential as this can affect your shooting accuracy.


The compactness of the red dot sight is yet another reason why it is coveted among gun owners. The tube-style red dot sight is similar in size to the ACOG and RCO. The open red dot sight, on the other hand, is much smaller and commonly used by pistol owners.

Red Dot Sight Technique

The popularity of red dot sights has revolutionized the gun industry and gun shooting itself. Many shooters can now combine the advantages of rifle scopes and iron sights into one with the gun accessory. Being perfect for training, combat, competitive, and defensive conditions, the red dot sight has changed the way people view gun accessories.

While the red dot sight offers many obvious benefits, most shooters are yet to make the most of it. With red dot sights offering improved speed without compromising accuracy, shooters can now aim faster and make perfect shots by making the most out of the accessory.

Shooters can take advantage of the reticle which is on the same focal plane as the target to make accurate shots without losing sight of the bigger picture. Additionally, they can also enjoy reduced parallax error as common with most other sight accessories.

These benefits all play to the advantage of the shooter. By practicing recurrently, shooters can improve these areas;

Focus on the target

Using the red dot sight, shooters should keep their eyes trained on the target without needing to lose focus. Additionally, shooters can keep both eyes open while still maintaining accuracy.

Rifle at cheek level

Shooters should learn never to bring their heads down. If they need to adjust the height, the rifle should be brought closer to the cheek level and not otherwise. Moving the head can cause you to lose focus and aim poorly. If using a rifle, put the stock at the center of your chest for better visibility.

Focus with both eyes open

The red dot sight encourages keeping both eyes open. Ensure that both eyes are open, with one trained on the reticle and the other on the bigger picture. For the best outcome, focus the reticle on the intended target point.

Practicing the above techniques can significantly improve your shooting accuracy. If you don’t already own a red dot sight, visit to purchase one today.

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