Testing Your Eye Dominance

Bad eyesight is a common problem faced by people of all ages. From being an inconvenience at work to preventing progress in sporting achievements for years, bad eyesight is a frustrating problem to deal with. Eye dominance is an essential aspect of aiming. Are you confused about why things aren’t going so great with your

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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Suppressor

If you’re ever in a situation where you need to fire your gun but don’t want to draw attention to yourself, a suppressor can be the perfect solution. Even if you’re not trying to be stealthy, using a suppressor can still be beneficial. Reducing the noise of gunfire can help protect your hearing and make

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Red Dot Sight Technique

Whether you own a gun, have been at the shooting range, or have played war-themed games like Call of Duty, you can’t help but appreciate the beauty of the red dot sight. Red dot sights like the Trijicon RMR 1 MOA are quickly becoming a thing within the gun owners’ circle. The red dot sight’s

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PMC X-TAC 5.56 NATO Ammo: Reliable, Affordable for the Range

When it comes to ammunition, gun owners with a bit of experience realize PMC Ammunition delivers a quality product that is both reliable and affordable. This is true of the popular PMC .223 bronze ammo, and it is equally true of the PMC X-TAC 5.56 NATO ammunition. Difference Between the PMC X-TAC 5.56mm NATO Ammo

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photo of a box of PMC .223 ammunition

PMC .223 Bronze 55-Grain Ammo Combines Affordability and Quality

The National Shooting Sports Foundation estimated there were more than 8.4 million first-time gun owners in 2020. With so many new gun owners, they might be happy to learn what experienced gun enthusiasts know: The PMC .223 bronze 55-grain ammo delivers reliability and quality at an affordable price. PMC Ammunition .223 a Popular Choice for

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photo of a modified Agency Arms firearms

Agency Arms Firearms: Innovative Mods Drive Superior Performance

At Elevated Gunworks, we appreciate Agency Arms’ custom builds of Glocks, Smith & Wesson M&Ps, FN 509s, and Benelli tactical shotguns. We feel a kinship because both of our companies were started by a group of like-minded individuals whose paths crossed during this thing called life. Agency Arms is owned by veterans and law enforcement

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