Agency Arms Firearms: Innovative Mods Drive Superior Performance

photo of a modified Agency Arms firearms

At Elevated Gunworks, we appreciate Agency Arms’ custom builds of Glocks, Smith & Wesson M&Ps, FN 509s, and Benelli tactical shotguns. We feel a kinship because both of our companies were started by a group of like-minded individuals whose paths crossed during this thing called life.

Agency Arms is owned by veterans and law enforcement officers. The business specializes in after-market weapon modifications. Headquartered in Ventura, Calif., Agency Arms was formed in January 2015. It was created by weapons operators who were and remain more interested in a weapon’s functionality than the visual appeal of the firearm.

Leadership works to maintain a family relationship among its staff and customers, which is why its tagline is “Welcome to the Brotherhood.”

What Does Agency Arms Do?

“The Agency builds elite weaponry and accessories for operatives requiring the best equipment,” according to the company. Its staff cut slides, modify frames, and hand-tuned triggers for optimal performance.

Agency Arms’ design, craftsmanship, and workmanship result in highly functioning firearms. Their certified gunsmiths take great pride in modifying your personal weapons to create some of the smoothest shooting and reliable modified firearms around.

No matter what All of our modifications are performance-oriented and developed with this in mind.

When Agency Arms started modifying Glocks, the thinking was to keep everything great about the handguns but make improvements to enhance performance. They took their expertise and expanded to other firearms.

Innovation Drives Performance

Innovation and execution have been at the core of Agency Arms’ growth.It all starts with creative and innovative parts that come to fruition through computer-aided design and manufacturing.

Agency Arms has been awarded more than 20 patents for its modified parts. The patents include triggers, trigger safeties, magazine wells, systems and methods for barrel attachment assemblies, firearm sight mounting plate assembly, trigger bars, and firearm slides.

Before Agency Arms introduces one of its custom-modified parts for any of its firearms, it goes through a rigorous design and testing process.

Each part is meticulously drafted in a computer program. Then, the exact dimensions and specifications are fed into a CNC machine, where the prototypes are fabricated. CNC operators manufacture the parts from billets — they do not cast any of their parts. The goal is to cut each part in one operation.

After the crew creates a working prototype, the new part is thoroughly tested to ensure there are no failures in the field.

Agency Arms maintains quality control throughout the entire process. From the programmers to the machinists to the certified gunsmiths. Parts are constantly checked throughout the manufacturing process.

Calipers can be found at each work station to determine the parts being manufactured do not deviate from the specifications and remain within established tolerances.

This results in high-performing, modified firearms that have become so popular, the company has to expand its footprint in Ventura and hire additional staff to keep up with demand.

What Makes Agency Arms’ Modified and Complete Build Firearms so Popular?

Agency Arms began manufacturing performance parts to modify Glocks, then added other firearms. There has been a tremendous response from first responders, members of the military, and firearms enthusiasts.

Through Elevated Gunworks, we can send your Glock, M&P, FN 509, or Benelli shotgun to be customized. However, most of our customers buy a complete build Agency Arms firearm through Elevated Gunworks.

But, what makes these modified firearms so popular?

At the end of the day, Agency Arms makes the firearm better. They look better, and they perform better.

Some rave about the stippling that provides a firmer grip when shooting. Similarly, many gun owners love the flared magwells of the Glocks because it helps the gun fit better in the hand. Additionally, the Agency Arms magwells also make it easier for magazines to be inserted into the wells. Consequently, the modifications make the firearm perform at a higher level.

Other selling points for an Agency Arms-modified pistol include the framework, undercuts, stippling, accelerator cuts, and slide cuts (that help with better gripping the slide).

Agency Arms Offers Warranties on its Modifications and Complete Builds

People who send their guns to Agency Arms to be modified or those who purchase complete builds from a stock dealer like Elevated Gunworks want a high-functioning firearm that has great aesthetics and is high-performing. But, they also want those modifications warranted, something Agency Arms does.

If a gun owner modifies a gun, then the original warranty is no longer in effect. That’s one of the benefits of working with Agency Arms: The company warrants its work.

Are You Ready for an Agency Arms Firearm?

If you have never held an Agency Arms mod, then you are missing out. Their triggers have a short pull, and a short, crisp reset. The guns are incredibly durable. They can take a licking and keep on ticking.

Another feather in the company’s cap is the incredible customer service. Agency Arms is not just trying to sell to customers; it is trying to build a community. Welcome to the Brotherhood!

Elevated Gunworks is Utah’s premier firearms dealer, and we work hard to bring you premier choices like Agency Arms’ products.

Shop Elevated Gunworks’ Online Store for Agency Arms Pistols

At Elevated Gunworks, we can help you with your first Agency Arms gun or your next one. Because Glocks are the most popular pistol in the world, we work with the company to have a number of Glocks in stock and ready for purchase.

Customers can choose from the Glock 17, Glock 19, or 43X. Because Agency Arms fare so much in demand, sometimes the handguns are on backorder.

Head over to our online store and check out the Agency Arms pistols we have in stock. If you do not see what you want, then contact us so we can help you to select the best shooting supplies such as the Trijicon RMR 1 MOA RM09 Type 2 model, from our online collection.

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